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About Us

GUJARATI NEWS SERVICE (GNS) was launched in July, 2009, and has grown into one of the largest news agencies of INDIA providing news service in Gujarati and Hindi language. During these years, our Gujarati News Service (GNS) is accredited by Press Information Bureau of India (PIB). We also hold the membership in Press Council of India. And GNS News Agency also included in DAVP Print Media Advertisement Policy-2016. So all the newspapers associated with Gujarati News Service (GNS) will get 15 point benefit which will admissible in DAVP.

We have acquired an enviable reputation for fast and accurate coverage of all major news events at State, National and International level in all areas like – politics, economics, business, sports, entertainment, and stock markets and so on. We also provide subscribers with a rich choice in features, interviews and human interest stories. Today, we serve News nationally including12 States and Union Territory like Dadra and Nagar Haveli for our subscribers. They include daily and weekly newspapers. All these newspapers also include our credit line (G.N.S.)

GNS correspondents are also based in leading capitals and important business and administrative centres around the world. It also has exchange arrangements with several foreign news agencies to magnify its global news footprint.

Currently, GNS commands 90 per cent of Small and medium News Publication. Our communication network stretches to more than 18 states across the country. We have bureau in more than 9 states We have more than 35 staff journalists around the Nation and more than 27 stringers, covering news events from remote corners.

GNS is currently a major modernization program as part of which most of our major bureaus are already linked through a computerized network. We are continuously expanding and extending this network. GNS’s wire service is available in Gujarati and Hindi language. And we have also implemented a project to deliver these news with graphics to our subscribers through today’s most intriguing technology, Internet. Which is available 24/7 via our own domain “gnsnews.co.in

The Network

Gujarati News Service is comprised of a network of 35 Community Correspondents spread across State in India. These Community Correspondents represent they are trained in all manner of documentation, compelling storytelling and video journalism. They are also well versed in using social media as a reporting tool. The powerful combination of these new media approaches—video journalism, SMS reporting and social media networking— allows them to engage with both the national and international audience in a truly innovative means.

Our Editorial Team

Ashutosh Pandya
(CEO & Editor-in-Chief)
Harshad Kamdar
Janak Purohit
(Senior journalist)
Prasant Dayal
(Senior Journalist)
Pravin Ghamande
(Seni  or journalist)
Anand Choudhary
(Senior journalist-Delhi (NCR)

  Dhimant Purohit               Dhaval Darji
  (Senior journalist)               (Co-editor-Gujarati)

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