Congress pro-Mandate in Karnataka…!!?, Siddharmaiya will be able to restore CM

(G.N.S.) Delhi, Dt.12
The exit poll results for the Karnataka elections have turned out to be a cause of worry for the BJP and a big relief for the Congress since it is predicted that Congress will emerge as the party with most number of votes to form the government. The BJP will be at number 2 and the JDS ( Janata Dal Secular ) will possible play the role of a kingmaker. The voters seem satisfied with the performance of the Siddaramaiah government in the last five years. They have favored Siddaramaiah more than the Chief Minister candidate put forth by the BJP, B. S. Yeddyurappa. A brief survey done by Gujarati News Services and the various local newspapers of Karnataka on the evening of 12th May reveal that the BJP will suffer a serious shock on 15th May,2018 , i.e on the day of results.
Out of the 224 assembly seats, two seats have been canceled, 222 Assembly seats were held on the seat today. The Survey shows that the Congress is likely to get 110-115 seats out of 224 and the BJP might get 78-81 seats whereas the JDS will get somewhere between 27 seats. A region in Karnataka known as Mumbai Karnataka is dominated by Lingayats. By approving to give the status of a minority to Lingayats, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has played a master stroke to shaken the position of the BJP. The survey also indicates that the support of Lingayats will once again make Congress rise to power in the state.
The BJP took hold of Karnataka in 2008 by supporting Yeddyurappa. However, he was accused of corruption. Despite knowing this, the BJP announced him as the Chief Minister candidate. However, the BJP is not likely to gain any advantage by doing so. But it gives an opportunity to Siddaramaiah to run the state for another five years. A minimum of 113 seats out of 224 are required to form the government. The Congress got 122 seats in the elections of 2013 and formed the government. The current survey shows that the Congress will emerge as the party with highest number of votes but JDS will play the role of a kingmaker with 27 possible seats. The coalition of JDS and Bahujan Samaj Party can emerge as a strong front. Hence , the elections in Karnataka have been termed as a triangular series.
The Exit poll survey has been done by the GNS agency and various local reporters of Karnataka who have been following the elections extensively. The results of the exit poll will prove stressful for the BJP and Prime Minister Modi.

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