Home World Floods in Japan; 34 died, many injured

Floods in Japan; 34 died, many injured


(G.N.S) Dt. 5


Heavy rain in Southwestern Japan has lead to flloding and mudslides, Atleast thirty four people died.

Helicopters and boats rescued more people from their homes in the Kumamoto region. More than 40,000 defense troops, the coast guard and fire brigades were taking part in the operation.

Large areas along the Kuma River were swallowed by floodwaters, with many houses, buildings and vehicles submerged almost up to their roofs. Mudslides smashed into houses, sending people atop rooftops waving at rescuers.

At a flooded elderly care home in Kuma Village, where 14 residents were presumed dead after rescuers reached them on Saturday, rescue continued Sunday for the dozens of remaining residents and caregivers.

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