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GNS exitpoll: Hints for hung parliament, “Maha Gathbandhan” can form government…?


(GNS), New Delhi, 19.
Today, on May 19, last and seventh phase of 17th Lok Sabha polls is completed, voting took place in different phases till now, electoral issues, nationalism of “new India” made after the Pulwama, 72 thousand yearly for the poor, cash aid scheme, Pulwama-Terrorism, “Only one person can save India from Pakistan, Narendra Modi himself”, the propaganda of “Chokidar is thief…” having connection with Rafale jet plane deal, Anil Ambani-Adani on continuous warp wise, Nehru-Sardar-Gandhiji- Jinnah’s talks, government formation of 22 lakhs government jobs and promises for jobs in panchayats, INS Viraat- INS Sumatra, Canadian citizen Akshyakumar’s interview, Dirty gutter worm, “Your father was number one corrupted till death”, anti-Sikh riots. jokes on Oppositions grand alliance, Kamlnath- allegations over bag of notes, Naamdar, Shahjada-Shahzadi, Divider in Chief, slaps, coward and weak Prime Minister .. Interesting stories of radar-clouds, image and digital camera, These all accusations and confusions between the political image of India’s politics. The surface of the sprawling surface is coming down from the bottom, it tells that the Mahamalivati ​​coalition, which was called the coalition, is being formed by the grand alliance with the help of small and big parties it is seen that government is being formed… !! Who will be the Prime Minister in the Central government of the coalition government? It will be decided later, but it is decided to become Deputy Prime Minister, now it is TRS KCR …! The Grand alliance, coalition can get support from TRS-BJD and Jagan Reddy.
This is not easy for the BJP to rule five years from 2014 to 2019 this time as it is not easy to repeat 282 sitovers in 2014 …! But BJP meet just the Mahagtbndn SP-BSP with 185 to 190 seats and NDA is likely to get 228 seats from a total of 219 Congress 134 to 139 seats and 180 of 187 seats to Yupia 70 to 75 seats out of 543 With the possibility of BJD-TRS and Jagan Reddywali YSR Congress is seen in the role of King Makers.

Which parties to get how many seats in which state…..? click for detailed report
Lets look state wise..
In Andhra Pradesh, out of 25 seats, Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam party got 16 seats. YSR Congress party got 9 seats, Owaisi’s party 1, BJP 3, Congress 2, and TRS-Telangana National Committee 11 seats. Naidu is not with the BJP at that time, now. In the elections of 2019, Telugu Desam can get 11 seats, BJP 1, Congress one, and Jagan Reddy’s YSR Congress party can get 12 seats. Owaisi’s party is unlikely to get a single seat.
There is only one seat of Andaman Nicobar which BJP won in 2014. This time too, the BJP can win Yab seat.
In Arunachal Pradesh in the North-East, one of the two seats won by a Congress in 2014. This time, both the main parties are expected to win one seat.
There is a BJP government in Assam this time. In 2014, the BJP won 7 out of 14 seats. All India United Democratic Front 3, Niral-1, and Congress won 3 seats. This time, BJP can get 6, Front K-3, Congress 4, and one seat independently.
Bihar – Out of the three states having one of the three major political positions in Bihar, BJP has won 22 seats in Bihar, Congress-2, JDU-2, LJP-6, NCP-1, RJD-4 and National Lok Samata Party There were 3 seats. At this time there is a government of Jediu and BJP in Bihar. BJP has contested in lesser seats. In the elections of 2019, BJP-11, Congress-6, JDU-8, LJP-2, RJD-11 and Lok Samata Party can get 1 seat. JD (U) Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is in the mood to change the attitude of the wind.
The BJP won a seat in the Chandigarh-Union Territory of Chandigarh 2014. This time even the lotus flower can blossom.
Chhattisgarh – Naxal-affected Chhattisgarh is currently the Congress government. Out of a total of 11, BJP got 10 seats and Congress got one seat. This time Congress can get 5 seats for the BJP, who has ruled the state for 6 and 15 years. During the elections, the Naxalite attack was also done and the MLA of the BJP was murdered.
Danah- Sangrashtra is the only seat of Dadra Nagar Haveli. The BJP won in 2014. This time the seat is expected to win Congress.
Diu-Daman- Other Union Territories like Diu and Daman, which is the target of Gujarat, BJP can win again in the same seat as 2014.
Goa- It has a mixed government of BJP and other local parties. All the 2 seats of Goa BJP won in 2014, which is credited to Manohar Parrikar. Even before this election, they settled down. That is why BJP can get only one seat out of 2. In Goa, the Congress, which is in constant effort to form a backward government, can get 1 seat. I.e. Fifty Fifty.
Gujarat- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Home State did all the 26 seats in 2014 in Modi’s footsteps. This time it is not visible. In the 2017 Assembly elections, the BJP had to face a huge political mood without Modi, and with only 99 seats out of 182, the government had to be formed. Congress won 77 seats by performing well in Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. Which was the highest since 1995. After this the BJP has broken some legislators of the Congress. The atmosphere is such that this time BJP can not hold all the 26 seats in Modi’s footsteps. Congress can get 6 seats and BJP 20 seats. In Gujarat, the BJP is less than a single seat, that is not a good day for Modi’s image.
Himachal pradesh, where the queen of the hills is located, this time in Himachal Pradesh is the BJP government. The BJP got all the 4 seats for the last four seats in the Lok Sabha. This time BJP can get 3 and 1 seat Congress.
Haryana – State of Haryana, which is set up in Punjab, is the BJP government in Haryana. Considering the discontentment against Chief Minister Khattar, Ram-Rahim case and law and order situation, this time the BJP is expected to get only 4 seats. Last time the BJP won 7 seats in Congress’s Hooda Raj. The Congress won only one seat and the Indian National Lok Dal 2 seats. This time the Congress is expected to get 6 seats. It is difficult for the Chautala family to get a single seat.
Jammu and Kashmir- In the terrorism-hit Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP has enjoyed power with PDP. After the government did not go much and after the Pulwama terror attack and the true color of Mehbooba of BJP and PDP came to an end, the state had witnessed very little polling for 6 Lok Sabha seats. During the polling, there have been attacks. Of the 6, the BJP can get only one seat this time. Last time 3 seats were found. And 3 seats PDP was found. This time, PDP can get 2, Congress -1, PDP Co-2 and others get 2 seats. Kashmiri voting has seen the effect of the Pulwama attack.
Jharkhand – This is the BJP government in Jharkhand, famous for coal mine. In 2014, BJP won 12 out of 14 seats. JMM got 2 seats. The Congress did not take a single seat. This time, BJP can get 11, JMM gets 1 and 2 seats for Congress.
Karnataka – In the states of Dakhkhana, the BJP first had power in Karnataka in the leadership of Yeddyurappa. At present, there is a joint government of JDS and Congress in Karnataka. In 2014, BJP got 17 out of 28 seats, Congress got 9 and JDS got only 2 seats. What is seen in 2019 is that the BJP -14, the Congress-12 and the party which is the Chief Minister, can get only two seats for the JDS, which can get the Deggevada family only.
There is a deepening of Kerala Leftists in Kerala-South India. The BJP has put a lot of emphasis here. In 2014, Congress got 8 seats out of 28 seats in Kerala. CPI-1, CPI-M to 5, Indian Union Muslim League-2, Kerala Congress-1, RSP-1 seat Jabber BJP got a B-seat. Rahul Gandhi is contesting from this constituency in Wayanad, Kerala, so this time the Congress is expected to get 11 seats. BJP can get one seat to open an account. CPI-1, CPI-M-K-3, Muslim League-1, Kerala Congress-M-1, and RSP-1 seat with 1 seat of independence. Congress may benefit Wayanad.
Lakshadweep: One seat of Union Territory of Lakshadweep can also go to NCP’s account this time too.
Congress is in power during this election in Madhya Pradesh. Mph Out of the 29 seats, BJP got 27 seats as its government in the state in 2014. The Congress had to be content with just two seats. This time, Congress may get 20 out of 29 seats due to its in power. When the BJP is getting 9 seats. Mph The Bhopal seat is interesting. Modi has given ticket to Pradnya Thakur, accused of crimes of terrorism. Congress has given ticket to Digvijayja, who called the BJP Hindu terrorism. It is difficult to say who will go to Bhopal from Parliament.
Maharashtra- Maratha Effective Maharashtra In 2014, BJP got 23 seats out of 48 and Shiv Sena 18 seats. Congers-2, NCP-4 and self-respecting party got 1 seat. This time, BJP can get 14 seats, Shivsena 12, NCP 9 and Congress 12 seats. Swabhimani is expected to get a seat this time too.
In the northeast of Manipur, Congress won all the 2 seats in 2014. This time the Congress is expected to win. The BJP is not getting a single seat here this time too.
In Meghalaya, one seat was won by the Congress and one seat by the National People’s Party. This time it can also be recycled.
Mizoram’s 1 seat can also go to Congress’s account this time too.
1 seat in Nagaland This time too, neither BJP nor Congress can get Naga People’s Front.
Delhi – This time the heart of Delhi is serious for Gautam Gambhir or you are going to become interesting even for the party. BJP won all 7 seats in 2014. Congress was in power at that time in the Diwali state. In 2015 you became the government. And in this election, if the Congress and you are not coalition, you can get 3 seats for the Congress, 2 seats for the Congress and 2 for the Congress in the triangular battle for 7 seats. Gautam Gambhir also had serious allegations of publishing a leaflets.
There was voting already before the cyclone affected Odisha-Fani. In 2014, BJD got 20 seats out of 21 in the ruling party. BJP got only one seat Congress does not even have one. This time after the funeral, Modi has praised Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and after taking the result perhaps he has to take any such strategy. This time BJD can get -16, BJP 2-1 and Congress 3 seats.
Puducherry – In the small state of Puducherry in south India, Modi government appointed Deputy Governor Kiran Bedi has been constantly reporting persecution of the Congress government. There is only one seat here and this time also all India NR Congress can get it.
Punjab – Punjab state with five rivers is in the hands of Congress this time. The BJP campaigned against the Congress against the Sikh riots. Rajiv Gandhi did not come in the campaign but brought by Modi. Out of the 13 seats in Punjab, Shiromani Akali Dal has got 4 seats in 2014, Congress 3, BJP 2, and you got 4 seats. This time you may have to be content with just one. Congress is likely to get 8 seats, BJP -3 and Shiromani Akali Dal-1 seats.
Rajasthan – Pareo Mare, the state of Rajasthan, has 25 seats. The BJP was in power in 2014. Now there is a Congress government in Jaipur. That is why Congress can get 18 out of 25 seats. Last time Congress did not get a single seat. BJP got all 25 seats. This time the BJP can get 7 seats.
Telangana- The key to government in which Kis gets formed is the key of which the Chief Minister of Telangana (known by the same name), won a huge majority in the assembly. In 2014 it was not a separate state. After the formation of separate state, its 17 seats have been decided in the Lok Sabha. This is the first Lok Sabha election for Telangana after a separate state. KCR’s party TRS can get 13 out of 17 seats. Congress-3, BJP can not get a single seat here. Auweesi’s party can get 1 seat. Oweisi is with KCR.
In Tamil Nadu- Two parliamentary elections in Lok Sabha have fought in the absence of their legendary leaders. DMK, If Karunanidhi is not there, his arch rival Jayalalitha is not even there. His party, All India Anna-DMK Party won 37 out of 39 seats in 2014. BJP got 1 seat and Congress did not get a single seat. Pattali Makkal Katchi Party got 1 seat. According to the picture that is made this time, Jayalalitha’s party can go to -6, Congress -11, Patlari party 2, DMK 16 and others to 4 seats. BJP is not getting a single seat this time.
Tripura- BJP has got power in Tripura in the Northeast. But this time also, 2 seats can go to CPI-M’s account. Leftist Abhi is also influential.
State of Chardham- Uttarakhand. The karmas of all the dhams have opened. The line of devotees is engaged for a pure philosophy. This Chorodham state has 5 seats. In 2014 all the 5 seats BJP won because of Modi In 2019, the BJP is not all but all but the Congress can get 4 seats and one seat.
West Bengal: In this election, where the highest number of election related stress and violence took place all over the country In Bengal The BJP has given a huge force to defeat Mamta. The rally of BJP president in Kolkata was attacked. Some workers of BJP and Mamta’s party TMC were also killed during the elections. Bengal has been in the discussion all over the country. Like UP-Bihar, the Commission had voted in the Bengal by dividing the seats in seven phases. Thousands of central security forces were deployed but there were incidents of violence. There are 42 seats in the Lok Sabha in Bengal. According to politics and political, this is a significant state. Modi wave in 2014, however, the BJP got only two seats here. Congress got 4 seats and CPI-M got 2 seats and TMC got 34 seats. There was a lot of panic between the BJP and Mamta Banerjee in Bengal. Prior to the seventh phase elections, Amit Shah’s rally took a lot of turnover in the wake of the attack and social reformer Vidyasagar breaking the statue. Mamata can get 28 seats, BJP 8, Congress 2 and CPI-M 4 seats. It may be that Mamta could get the legal advantage of the great reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar statue of Bengal. And its seats may increase. During this statue of the idol Shah, BJP workers are accused of breaking. While the BJP told it about the conspiracy of Mamta’s workers.

Special note: According to the opinion of the political experts of the country and after analysis conducted by Gujarati News Service (GNS) survey by over 1300 journalists of 428 districts of small and medium newspapers and over 800 editors of newspapers of the country, the Loksabha general election 2019 survey report has been published here.

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