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India’s number of Covid-19 infections crossed 5 lacs mark


(G.N.S) Dt. 27

New Delhi

India’s 509,306 cases is next only to Russia, Brazil and the United States – with the last two having crossed a million infections. In terms of absolute number of fatalities, India ranks eighth in the world.

As per reports from sources the state-level statistics, the total number of infections grew by 18,370 on Friday, and 383 new deaths were recorded. In all, the country now has had 509,306 infections and 15,689 fatalities, translating to a case fatality ratio (CFR) of 3.08%.

The number of Covid-19 infections in India has crossed 500000 lacs mark on Friday, making the country one of only four where the tally has breached this milestone. Fatality and recovery numbers offer some signs that the outbreak is still under manageable levels, although experts warned that this control was fragile.

In terms of total cases, Maharashtra continued to have the highest numbers – roughly twice of Delhi that has the second-most number of infections. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are the other states in top five. The states were ranked similarly if fatalities are taken as a parameter.

Nationally, however, the total number of recoveries crossed 295,852 and — on an average over the past week — for every five people testing positive in a day, four were being discharged after recovery.


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