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Special report: Media should get financial booster while leading fight against their work in Covid19 threat


(G.N.S) Dt. 30

New Delhi

It is also necessary to save the print media in the corona front battle….

If there are no small newspapers that deliver news to the people, then the entire supply of news can be broken…

Like the Corona Warriors doctor-nurse, the media workers also get an insurance cover of 50 lakhs.

When the print media is not left, which media will be left….?!

Media workers are also risking their lives to defeat Corona and make a significant contribution to winning the fight, Selute is such warriors….

Like industries, an economic package for media has been announced to save newspapers.

The Press Council should lead it on behalf of newspapers, offer a package to the government ..

DAVP creates new advertising policies. Or change the current policy and provide relief…

May every newspaper reach news to the people so much economic boosters are available

(GNS. Special Report)
The country is currently struggling with a long-running battle in front of Corona. The Central Government and all the State Governments have opened their fronts and many kinds of measures are being taken including Lokdown. How can the media remain untouched in this fight…? Media also shoulder to shoulder with the governments in the terrible condition of Corona and when no one is getting out, then the media personnel risk their lives every moment… every watch… News, News and Digital Media to the people sitting at home. Shipping from
In democracy, the press has been called the fourth manor. The press-media did not put any effort in advancing India and the new India after the freedom of des or freedom. Due to the influence of Corona for the past several weeks, newspaper reporters in the hospitals are taking news by reaching the news and even the reporters of the TV media are giving news to the people by risking their lives in the streets at night. The government is fighting in front of the corona, the workers of the advance front, doctor-nurses etc. Is worried for The government has provided an insurance cover of 50 lakhs for their safety. This is a good thing. Apart from the doctors and nurses, those who are doing their duty by putting their lives at risk on the advance front, the media personnel are also included in it, then the government should make sure that the media workers also get an insurance cover of 50 lakhs. MP Some journalists have fallen victim to Corona during their faraj.
In this fight to defeat Corona, all the small and big newspapers are also doing their work faithfully. This voice of the press ie the printed medium has been heard since many times that the number of advertisements received by the government has been reduced or many newspapers have been out of the advertisement policy. Whatever the reason, but in today’s time all these newspapers defeat the coronna without advertisements, every appeal of the government on one voice of the Modi government, every news, every village, city to city…. Stops like a warrior.
Whether Gujarat or other states are doing their work in small and big newspapers in these shabby states, then it is requested from the Central Government that relief package would be announced to save small and big industries during the period of economic slowdown. In the same way, the government should also make an economic package for these newspapers engaged in the service of the society, together with the government. Small to large newspapers should get low interest rates from the bank for a long period, get the right amount of advertisements, if necessary, pay special attention to newspapers, if any change is to be made in the policy of the current DAVP. The government should also strengthen the fourth war in the battle of Corona financially. So that these newspapers, which reach the plans of the government to the people, can get new life in new India.
There is also an organization called Press Council of India for the problem of press in India. There is also the Editors Guild. There is also an institution like INS. All these organizations listen to newspapers that have a problem, especially if there is a complaint related to advertising or any other problem. They should prepare a memorandum and meet the central government and try to find a positive solution to it.
Today there are many such newspapers which reach where there is no TV. Along with education and literacy, readership of newspapers is also increasing. Today the situation is such that many newspapers are closed. His journalists and other staff are impressed. Technology may also have an effect. But in today’s net era, people have more faith in print media than social media or other media. Recently, the leading print media house of India sent an advertisement to the people that they should trust the print media, beware of social media. Because the print media means any news, any information is published only after examining it. It is not that Kisii said anything and gave the impression that people on social media, without checking any information, forward it quickly.
Even today, the printed medium is reliable for millions of readers and if it is in the newspaper, it would be right if you cover the newspaper with such a belief, then to save the print medium, which has thousands of small newspapers, to strengthen democracy. And all these media, doctor-nurse’s head is standing on the front, then the government’s decision to give them a boost like economic sector to keep them alive Take The Press Council should also lead in this task. Instead of discriminating against the small newspaper of the government, we all are together… Create a new DAVP policy looking at the spirit. Or change the current policy itself, so that every newspaper can bring news to the people and make such an advertisement policy to get such an economic booster. May it not be so that the fight to keep oneself or to save oneself will not be lost due to the fight of the print media…. !! When the print media is not left, which media will be left….?!

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